Crash Courses & 1 to 1 sessions

Crash Courses

Extra Holiday Swimming Lessons

Crash Courses
Swim Crash Courses are a great way to increase your confidence around water and introduce you to lessons. Crash courses take place during every half term and end of term holiday and are half an hour in length each day during the holidays.

Courses available 


£25 per week  for 5 days
£20 per week for 4 days

8.00am Stage 1
8.30am Stage 2
9.00am Stage 3/4
9.30am Stage 1
10.00am Stage 2

One - One  Swimming Lessons
1 to 1 sessions are a more intense swimming lesson that aims to speed up swimming progress and see a rapid improvement. If you feel you need a push start or have a particular skill to overcome then 1 to 1 swimming lessons are for you.

Sessions available
Cost £18 per session

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